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Our missions

We are fortunate to work on missions as diverse as they are exciting. Thanks to our customers and partners, BillieJanne's health exploration is always flying higher! Those who boarded our hot air balloon continue to trust us and we thank them!

Examples of projects that give us wings

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Mental Health

Mental health training of the MSA sentinel network, enabling the identification of signs of ill-being within the agricultural population.

Prévention retraités

Health prevention for young retirees

Engineering support for the organization and transformation of prevention appointments for young retirees of the MSA (common law system).


Fall prevention

Optimization of the fall prevention strategy in EPHAD through the use of software identifying the parameters of the context of falls.


Strategic roadmap  Senior Autonomy Challenge

ATbring alighting on the terms offunctioning  and evolution of DAS in order to breathe new life into the program in order to optimize the operation of the GCSMS action.


Public health project management

Immersion game in an emergency department to stimulate the creativity of the CCMSA team on the optimization of public health project management.

Accords d'Abraham

The future of health shaped by COVID19

Members of the organizing committee of the Eranim Abraham congress. Conference on the changes brought about by COVID-19 in public health, in particular through the innovations brought by the countries of Abraham. 

Montgolfiere BillieJanne.jpg

Our purpose

BillieJanne is a Social and Solidarity Economy (ESS) company. Its purpose and social utility are:

- The initiation, development, defense and support of advocacy and projects with a positive impact in public health, with the particular aim of reducing social and territorial inequalities in health,

- Support, advice and training in public health for associations, local authorities and other decentralized State services as well as any public or private, commercial or non-commercial structure, with the particular purpose of improving the healthcare offer, solutions and ecosystem,

- The development of a laboratory of ideas with the particular purpose of observing, theorizing and inspiring new initiatives and methodology in public health. To this end, BillieJanne relies on its “health exploration” approach structured around 4 benchmarks that guide its action: partnership; usefulness; peer expertise; altruity

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